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Educational version of Primstar 2

Thanks to everyone who voted on the educational version poll!

The results are mostly split into two large groups, those who are happy with the way things are, and those who would like a free or very low cost version of Primstar 2.

Unfortunately, I've already proven that the donation model does not work for funding Primstar's development. Here's the donations we've received for Primstar 1.1.0 and the public version of JASS so far this year:

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I love new features

I've just sent another new feature off to Gaia for testing. There's four new controls which affect the vertex distribution on new sculptie shapes. Great fun to play with and it turns up interesting results on some shapes Smile

Curve controls make sculptie heart shape

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Raw Terrain Support coming soon to Primstar

Originally I planned 3 products in the star range, Primstar, Avastar and Simstar. Simstar however didn't really have enough features to make it a separate product. So we've decided to merge those features into Primstar. The main feature is support for raw terrain files. I finished coding this yesterday, and Gaia is currently documenting the features and preparing a new Primstar release.

So very shortly, you'll be able to edit your private region terrains in Blender!

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Believe in yourself!

Sometimes when you try to do the right thing, people just take advantage of your generosity. That in itself isn't a problem, but when they then try to make out that they are better than you and attempt to destroy what you have done it becomes a bigger issue.

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Primstar 2 Early Adopters Program

While I was sleeping, Gaia stayed up late to launch Primstar-2 (I had been coding all day though to get it ready Smile )

This is just an early adopters program and is far from feature complete, but it's enough to get you started in using Blender 2.57 for creating sculpties.

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Domino and Gaia join forces for Primstar 2 development

Today (30-January-2011) Domino Designs and The Machinimatrix agreed on a partnership to create Primstar-2, a content creation toolset for Second Life and similar online worlds.

Primstar-2 will be based on Blender 2-5 (or newer) and contain tools for creating sculpted prims, regular prims and meshes. We are also aiming to merge all features of the currently available jass-2 products into Primstar-2.

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Constant Pain


Hi everyone,

The cold (flu?) I had over Christmas has gone now, but the added strain (on my neck from all the sneezing) has aggravated my median and ulnar nerve problems. I'm also doing new physio therapy exercises to help decompress those. At the moment that's all leaving me in pretty much constant pain. It's not going down to what I consider my safe level for computer use at all Sad

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No Office Hours Tonight


Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

Sorry for not being around, but I've not managed to shake off the head cold that jumped on me as soon as I relaxed after releasing Primstar 1.0.0

It's starting to ease off now but I still don't feel well enough to hold my office hours tonight. Having two different ailments that make it hard to sleep has left me pretty exhausted.

I hope everyone is enjoying making sculpties and I hope to be more active again soon.

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primstar 1.0.0

Download Size md5 hash 335.11 KB 1116857fb5ba578f239a1a77dcb06a3c
Last updated: 20 December, 2009 - 20:41

Probably the most powerful tool available for making sculptured primitives is now available.

Features powerful and flexible ways to make your starter sculptie from one of eighteen included shapes with full information display on the final sculpt map including a breakdown of the levels of detail and an LOD map for easy UV alignment.

Bake sculpties in Blender with support for linksets, joined meshes, common scales, maintaining scale and center, unique finalise option to optimise your sculpt maps and much more.

User expandible through a special library sculpt map format.

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Domains for sale

With donations still far short of funding the next stages of Primstar development, I'm selling off the last of my domain portfolio to try and cover the gap. is the first to appear as a Bido Auction

There are three others for sale

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