Second Life Terrain in The Gimp

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The avatar stuff got held up with the appearance of oblong sculpties and investigating their implementation. The development version of the Blender sculptie scripts has been updated with basic support for these, it's still rough but at least we can experiment with them.

In other news, I've grabbed another item from my todo list and here's the progress on that:

Second Life Terrain Import in The Gimp

The Gimp documentation for writing file load and save handlers in Python is very sparse. I've managed to get it working for loading and saving SL terrain.raw files but there is an odd error I want to fix before release.


re: TypeError exception

I posted that comment about the TypeError, FYI.

This happens when I try to open a terrain .raw file; also adding ".r32" would be nice Wink, as it doesn't see them (though I think that might be a mime-type issue rather than a GIMP or one with your plugin).

Opensim raw files

Looks like a great plugin and it works but when I load an opensim raw file looks like semirandom data rather than smooth gradients and raw files that were generated by algorithm (in L3DT) look like a topology map using randomized gray lines for elevation. Are Opensim raw files different than SLs? Any suggestions for how to proceed would be much appreciated.  Thank you Puzzled)

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I'm not familiar with opensim raws

Sorry but I don't know. I've not used opensim. The Second Life raw files have a number of layers for things like parcels groups etc. If the opensim ones only have the terrain, then that would explain the problem. If you can find a link that describes the raw format that opensim uses I can look into it.